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Are you still advertising on TV?

Internet has now become the major information tool!

With 10 million of YouTube visitors monthly in Taiwan,

The prospect of hitting 10 billion of impressions is waiting for you!

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A multi-screen life has started.

Do you know how mobile search affects user decision?

With Taiwanese consumers adapting to this lifestyle,

How can you miss out on mobile advertising?

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A must-know marketing tool,

Used by 20 million of internet users around the world,

Reaching a keyword coverage as high as 78%,

This is Google Ads, an indispensable marketing tool to launch your ads!

Mobile Ads

Mobile Search

Over 58% of users in Taiwan conduct internet search using mobile devices and 87% of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions!

Mobile In-App Ads

Launch your ads with over 1.7 million iOS and Android mobile apps to engage the right audience at scale!

YouTube Go Mobile

With more than 400 million videos being watched through mobile devices every day, do not hesitate to deliver your video message to your target customer! You pay only when viewers watch your ads.

Diverse Advertising

Enrich your ads with Google Maps and YouTube video links! Give users down-to-the-block-level detail about your business location and straight navigation to needed information!


Add click-to-call to enable potential customer to contact your business right away! Quick and easy to drive traffic to your site that may turn into conversions!


With a click on your ad promotion, mobile users can easily download your app, subsequently raising your app ranking!

Mobile Display Advertising

Want higher app download ranking? Whether it is promoting new apps, launching mobile campaigns, or optimizing social network promotions, Google AdMob is the answer.

YouTube Advertising


TrueView In-Stream

After streaming the pre-roll video advertising for 5 seconds, viewers can keep watching or skip it. You pay only when they watch at least 30 seconds.


TrueView In-Search

In 27% of their browsing time, YouTube users will search at least once on average. Your in-search ads will appear alongside the search results page.


TrueView In-Display

In-Display ads appear while viewers are watching YouTube videos. You pay if they choose to watch your advertising video.


Masthead Unit Ad

Run your campaign the full width of YouTube homepage for 24 hours. Make your brand known to 4 million viewers daily!


First Watch

Make your first crucial impression! First Watch features your ad as the very first video that viewers will see. Experience the massive audience reach equivalent to a top-rated TV show.



A channel allows you to create videos with your unique look and texture, broadcasting 24/7 to attract your audience and share the brand image!

YouTube Video Advertising

Being the most popular video platform to bridge communications, YouTube has all you need to promote your products and services. Use the power of video to ignite your brand and turn your viewers into your customers!

We offer YouTube Video Advertising

Abundant in different forms of video ads, YouTube can definitely satisfy your marketing needs. Let us help you discover your personalized video ads.

Google Ads – A Full Range of Precision Marketing

Searching for Ads – Where Business Opportunities Emerge
Who are interested in buying high-heels? Needless to say, those who are searching for high-heels! Investing in keyword tools means targeting your intended customer to avoid inconsistent advertising. Harness your way to precision marketing solutions that help your business play big!
Interest-Orientated Marketing – TA On The Way
You may well know whether your services and products are made for techno geeks or fashionistas. How about your online ads? Google Interest Categories to the help! This tool analyzes visitors’ browsing histories and matches respective ads to their specific interests. So, why not take advantage of Google Interest Categories to discover your potential buyers?
Remarketing = Reexposure
Your visitors click on your ads, but nothing has happened afterward. What now?
No worries, you have at least evoked his or her interest. Google Remarketing is a powerful tool allowing your ads to "stick and follow" those who have visited your website. Repeated exposure will result in impression growth, achieving higher conversions.
Google Network Display: Feature Your Brand Online
Do you know that most of the popular sites, including YouTube and eBay, are associated with Google Display Network? Connected with over 20 thousand website partners in Taiwan, Google Display Network will expose your ads to the most traffic-hectic websites, reaching at least 200 billion views per day!

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